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You can also visit for additional information about how the whole process works, although we'll explain some basics here:

First, what exactly is a music copyright?

It's a property right granted by the government, which is also recognized by most countries of the world through treaties) that gives the owner the exclusive right to make money and use the original material.

This right is lasts through the owner's (composer's) lifetime, plus another 50 to 70 years after that.

It doesn't matter whether the original material is a full song, or a music instrumental, or a certain set of beats, or a poem or lyrics only. Once you have copyright ownership, no one can use that material either without your permission, or without paying you a royalty.

There are a few exceptions (such as what's known as the fair use doctrine, allowing a reviewer to include parts of one's music in a review). But in general this protects a composer from having someone make money on his or her original music without including the copyright owner.

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